Scrambled Rick Rack...What a Sew View!

My collection of Bias Tape, Rick Rack and a variety of other trims was once neatly wrapped, packaged and organized by color, size, and type...like seam tape, lace tape, double fold, single fold, etc. etc..

These days of 'Use It or Lose It' and 'Making It for Money', all that organization has flown the coop...so to speak.  Now all sizes, colors and types of tapes and trims are nesting in a basket. 

Not all separation/organization has been abandoned...Rick Racks have their own basket....

Now you have seen and heard it all...Scrambled Rick Rack.
But, you know what?!!! 
It works for me!
Here's a sneak peak of my New Line of Aprons!
So excited to Use It...not...Lose It
Un-Scramble Rick Rack!


Summer 2017... Project Patio and Pups

One thing leads to another.  At least that is how things go at our house.  First we were picking out paint for exterior trim and before we knew it we were measuring for windows to close in the screened in porch.  I knew we should have started the exterior trim painting at the front of the house where we spend less time on a daily basis.  As it is, we come and go through the back and spend a good part of the day on the porch even on the hottest day of the summer...110 degrees. That was the deciding factor to replace screen with windows and Mother Natures hot air with AC.
First thing lead to the next thing...painting the new enclosed porch. 
Then...of course...Re-Decorating...the FUN part!
What made decorating so much fun was 'Making Do' with what we had!
FINALLY...a use for crochet dollies and embroidery hoops!
RE-PURPOSED...Quilt Rack, Baskets and Greenery, Metal Wall Art.
The Repurpose Mode continued to the back yard walk way with my 'Pink Booth Tent' erected as an outdoor covered patio.  Afterall, we still like to sit outside...just not when it's a 110 degrees.  The tent support poles are curtained with a repurposed king size sheet.  Same goes for the bench...repurposed and reused seat cushion and thrift store pillows.  The only thing bought new were plants, and they were from the 'NearlyDead/Bargin' rack.  Yay for resurrecting my 'Green Thumb'.  This view of the Pink Tent Covered Walkway  through the now 'Plexi-glassed' inside screen door. 
Enough about Project Patio!  Here's the Pups!
Meet Cookie and Sugar!
They are almost 5 months old and are...believe it or not...Litter Sisters and Rescue Pups!
Dolly wonders...'What were Ya'll thinking'?
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