A Vintage 4R's Bucket List Bash!

As a Crochet Collector...I am beginning to feel more like a Crochet Hoarder!  Little did I realize how MANY crochet pieces have been stashed here and there.  It all came to light as I readied them for display and to join the '4R's Bucket List'...Rescue-Repurpose-Recycle-Resale.  I think I have rescued my share, repurposed them in sewing projects, recycled ones with issues in wall hangings, sun catchers and more.  NOW it is time to Resale.

It was actually fun to decorate and display them in my Studio Shop. 
They are a perfect companion group to the Vintage Quilts and my upcoming theme
'Vintage Valentines'. 
It's a Vintage 4R's Bucket List Bash!


The Happiest Day of the Year...Snowball Birthday Cake!

It's been a long time coming! 
What's that you ask? 
Realizing I am what I have spent many years collecting!
The Happiest Day of the Year
Every little child should have the joy of a real birthday cake of their own, and every grown-up child should have the opportunity to renew their youth at least once a year with a special celebration on their own personal anniversary.  A Birthday cake will delight any child...big or little...and can be varied indefinitely to suit the month of their birth.  Cake is a wholesome and nourishing as a food, even for children, as they are effective from a decorative standpoint.
For January's Child...A Snowball Cake
Make twice the recipe of White Cake and bake in two aluminum bowls of quart capacity (these are usually obtainable at five-and-ten-cent stores).  Cut off the tops of the cakes, if they have rounded up at all in the center, so that they will fit together, making a ball.  Use a little Uncooked Icing to hold them together and frost all over with the same icing.  Roll in cocoanut.  Place on cake board and arrange tall candles around the cake.  Small snowball cakes, frosted and rolled in cocoanut, make attractive candle holders. (Vintage Recipes: Cake Baking Made Easy w/Airy Fairy 1927)
My Snowball Cake with 5 tall candles.
Thank-you Mother!


I Still Sew Vintage

I have favorites, and at this stage in my sewing life/career I can say that without fear of repercussions.  In other phases of my life playing/showing favorites was not a good idea for keeping  peace/piece/persons happy.

My favorite fabrics are 'Vintage'.  Throughout my sewing life/career, vintage quilts, quilt tops and fabrics have made their way to my collections.

If they weren't originally vintage, then reproductions were at the top of my list to collect, stash and sew.  Yesterday was a Vintage Scrap Ditty Bag Sew day.

It was also a re-organizing of what's left of my vintage reproduction fabrics. 
 Yardages were pressed, refolded and stacked.  Scraps went to the vintage basket and bin.
This doesn't look like much, does it?  I'm having a bit of a panic attack!
Oh, right, Sue,  you have more at Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio!  Whew!
Along with using vintage scraps for ditty bags, I made use of a few embroidery blocks that are almost vintage.  That is they have been around long enough they qualify.  This January embroidery block is a leftover from The Calendar Quilt, and the fabrics from the 'Not Vintage Scrap Basket'!  Yes, I have several of those baskets...laundry baskets!!!  I could sew a 'GaZillion' ditty bags from them and still have baskets and bags full. 
Oh, BTW....bags of 'Not Vintage Scraps' are going to Studio #14.
Please come get a Bag or Two or Three...for FREE!
Sorry...No Vintage Scraps...I Still Sew Vintage!


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